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We design Experiences from the ground up to be a mix of Art, Science and Fun!

We launch a Brand-new Experience every 6 Months!

Dude! Where's the Colour?™

Explore your relationship with colour in our uniquely colourless environment.

Art in the Dark™

Watch colours come to life in our uniquely dark environment.

  • "Thank you Jalato for painting some neon into our black and white lives! Take and spread happiness wherever you go! Much love and thanks!"

    Lankalingam, Lexus Chennai - Corporate Experience

  • “This is such a great concept and the perfect thing to do for my child's birthday. Both adults & kids alike loved it to bits and just enjoyed being so carefree with the colours.

    Kudos to the team behind Jalato”

    Nidhi - Private Experience

  • “The event was a hit. We got positive reviews. Everyone enjoyed. They loved the experience. Thank you for all the efforts put in. Great show🙏!”

    Priyanka, Rajasthan Cosmo Club Platinum - Private Experience

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